Website Translation

  1. The website translation project manager chooses a translator who is closely familiar with the website content.
  2. The website is translated by a translator who possesses mother-tongue proficiency in the target language.
  3. The website translation shall be comprehensible to all surfers who speak the target language.

Translation fields

  • Marketing content
  • Professional articles
  • GUI user interfaces
  • Flash sites
  • Content management systems
  • HTML documents

What are we offering?

  • A translator who is well versed in the website subject matter.
  • A translator who speaks the target language at mother tongue level.
  • Technology shall not constitute an obstacle to any translational need.
  • We are with you in this project every step of the way.
  • As we see it, meeting translation project deadlines is a quality requirement.
  • The finished product is reviewed by several editors.

"Thank you for the wonderful job. We admire your highly organized work process and professional support."
Reuven Solomon STV Overseas
EG Studio

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